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Tips For Minimizing NP Thyroid Side Effects

Have you ever wondered why more people are turning to NP Thyroid these days? It’s like a superhero for your thyroid, right? But here’s the thing: We need to be cautious. 

Tips For Minimizing NP Thyroid Side Effects

Renowned endocrinologist Dr. John C. Morris once said that thyroid supplements serve as a helpful tool in managing thyroid conditions.

However, they should not substitute a doctor’s advice and need to be used mindfully due to associated side effects.

As a doctor, I’m here to help you navigate this journey safely. This supplement can be great, but like any adventure, it’s good to have a map.

In this blog, we’ll chat about simple tips to minimize the side effects of this supplement. I’ll also provide some tricks to make sure the supplement helps you without causing any trouble.

Are you ready to dive in and learn together? After all, knowledge is the first step towards better health!

What is NP Thyroid?

Here’s a breakdown for you to understand this supplement:

  1. Nature’s Prescription: It works as a natural thyroid hormone replacement therapy. It’s often referred to as nature’s prescription. It’s made from the desiccated (dried and powdered) thyroid glands of pigs.
  2. Thyroid Helper: The NP supplement acts as a friend for your thyroid. It’s a medicine that people take when their thyroid needs a little boost.
  3. Natural Ingredients: These are made from natural ingredients. It has important things like thyroid hormones to help your thyroid work better.
  4. Prescribed by Doctors: It is a prescription medication, which means you can only buy it if a doctor recommends its usage to you.
  5. Different Dosages: It doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. People get different amounts based on what their body needs.
  6. Helps with Thyroid Jobs: It is used to treat hypothyroidism, where your thyroid gland is underactive and doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. It’s also used to treat or prevent certain types of goiters.
  7. Regular Check-ups: You might need to see your doctor often while taking this medicine. They check how things are going to make sure everything stays on track.
  8. Not for Everyone: This supplement isn’t for everyone. Only those whose thyroid needs a bit of extra support get this special helper.

Learn the Side Effects of NP Thyroid

By examining my patients, I’ve come up with these side effects of this supplement on the user’s body:

Allergic Reactions

Some people might be sensitive to or allergic to pig thyroid extract. So, if they take this supplement, it can cause skin rash, hives, or swelling in their bodies.

Overactive Thyroid Signs

Having too much thyroid hormone in your body can cause hyperthyroidism. It can cause a faster heart rate, hand tremors, trouble sleeping, weight loss, and increased anxiety.

Digestive Issues

Some of my patients experienced gastrointestinal problems. So, there might be a chance for you too to face the same problem.

You may also feel nausea, vomiting, or abdominal cramps from this poor digestion system.

Hair Loss

It is a common side effect of this medicine to lose plenty of hair. My patients faced it most during the first few months of starting the medication.

Changes in the Menstrual Cycle

In women, using this supplement might lead to changes in menstrual cycles.

Increase in Appetite

This medicine can often increase your hunger, which will lead to weight gain. Many of my patients were frustrated by this side effect.

Hot Flashes and Sweating

To adjust this medication to your body, you may experience hot flashes and excessive sweating.

If you experience any of these side effects while taking this supplement, consult your doctor immediately.

What are Some Harmful Ingredients in NP Thyroid?

It’s important to remember that any ingredient can be harmful for one person but may not be for others.

So, based on my experience, I did research to find out some potentially harmful ingredients in this supplement.

Porcine Thyroid Gland

The Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3) hormones in this medicine come from desiccated pig thyroid glands.

Though it is beneficial for most people. Still, some people may have an allergy or sensitivity to pig thyroid extract, which can cause skin rashes or swelling.


It is a form of sugar. It might create a problem for those trying to manage their sugar intake or those with diabetes.

Calcium Stearate

This ingredient is generally safe. However, some studies suggest that high doses of iron and zinc might affect nutrient absorption. Practically, I’ve seen such cases in some of my patients too.

Mineral Oil

Though the amount in NP supplements is usually safe, too much use of mineral oil can create issues. It can cover your intestines or cause a lack of vitamins.

Always consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns. They can provide advice based on your unique health status and needs.

How to Minimize the Side Effects of NP Thyroid

I am here to give you a straightforward explanation of how to minimize the side effects of NP supplements:

  1. Start with a Lower Dosage: From my years of practice, I’ve found that starting with a lower dosage and slowly increasing it, with medical supervision, can help reduce side effects. The body takes time to get used to new supplements, especially hormones.
  2. Regular Monitoring: It’s essential to get regular thyroid function tests while you’re taking this supplement. This helps to ensure the dosage is correct and does not cause unnecessary side effects.
  3. Healthy Diet and Hydration: You must maintain a healthy diet for your overall health. It’ll help you minimize the side effects of this supplement. Foods that are high in fiber and vegetables, like broccoli and cabbage, can interfere with absorption. So, it’s best to have them a few hours apart from the medication.
  4. Take Consistently: You can take this medicine at least 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast. It’ll give your body time for absorption. If you change the time or skip taking medicine, it can lead to inconsistent thyroid hormone levels and cause side effects.
  5. Consult about Changes: Before making any changes to your diet, first talk to your doctor. This new addition can interact with NP supplements and cause side effects.

Always remember that by talking to your doctor, you can minimize the side effects of this supplement.

What Can Be an Alternative to NP Supplement?

As a doctor, I can suggest some alternative medications to improve your thyroid health.

  1. Man-made thyroid pills: Levothyroxine is a pill that acts like the T4 hormone. It’s available under names like Synthroid or Levoxyl. However, it may not be the best choice for everyone, as some people’s bodies have a hard time turning it into the active T3 hormone.
  2. Combo Pills: Some pills contain both T4 and T3 hormones. They can be an option for people who can’t take this supplement.
  3. More similar pills: NP supplement isn’t the only pill made from pig glands. There are others, like Armour Thyroid and Nature-Throid. They have the same hormones but in slightly different amounts. Some people may find these work better for them.
  4. Healthy living: If you eat well, move more, and handle your stress, it’ll keep your thyroid working better. In some cases, making better lifestyle choices can also help control thyroid problems.
  5. Vitamins and Minerals: Supplements like vitamins B and D, and minerals like selenium and zinc can help your thyroid work better. Other good fats, like omega-3, can also help in this process.

Always remember to talk with your doctor before changing your medicine.


Q: What is NP Thyroid, and how does it work?

A: It is a supplement that supports your thyroid. It works by providing natural thyroid hormones to help your thyroid function better.

Q: Are there any common side effects of NP thyroid?

A: Yes, some people may experience mild side effects like having trouble sleeping. These are usually temporary and can be managed with guidance from your doctor.

Q: How can I minimize side effects when taking NP Thyroid?

A: To minimize side effects, talk to your doctor before starting to take it. Follow their recommended dosage, take it at the right time, and have regular check-ups. You should listen to your body and try to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Q: Can I adjust my NP Thyroid dosage on my own?

A: No, it’s essential to follow your doctor’s prescribed dosage. Adjustments should be made under their guidance based on regular check-ups of your thyroid levels.

Q: Are there any long-term effects of taking NP Thyroid?

A: These are usually safe for long-term use with proper monitoring by a healthcare professional. Regular check-ups ensure that your dosage is appropriate for your changing needs.


To conclude, we must take care of ourselves and do what is best for our health. Though NP Thyroid has some benefits, it can still have side effects for many people.

I always tell my patients to be concerned about their bodies. It’ll help you find out what your body wants and needs.

If you notice this supplement isn’t the perfect fit for you, go for other options. Try to find one with which your body feels comfortable.

Never hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider if you experience any discomfort or side effects. Also, you should get proper guidance from a doctor before adding or changing any supplement for your thyroid function.

The journey to find the right thyroid treatment can involve some ups and downs, but by being proactive and patient, you can make the ride easier. Stay fit, stay focused!

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